The missing step
between a CAD environment
and the CNC machine.

Available in early 2018!

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PARTNER/ASPAN is a CAD/CAM application for programming numerical control machinery for wood, aluminium and plastic, characterized by a great ease of use, versatility and support to a large number of CNC machines types.

New release X1
released update X1p2 What's new >

the missing step
between a CAD environment
and the machine.

Available in early 2018! Download brochure > This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

ATool Software


ATool Software ATool Software is a company that develop CAD/CAM softwares to program CNC machines for woodworking, marble and aluminum. Consist in a development team of great experience.

Our focus is to enhance the programs we provide and that are already known around the world:


PARTNER/ASPAN, enjoys a world-wide reputation as an easy-to-use CAD/CAM software to program woodworking, plastic and aluminium CNC machines. The software is very powerful with a user-friendly interface. It can handle different typology of machines and allow, starting from a drawing, to generate the CNC code for multiple machines.


MARS, is the software for marble processing with CNC machines. Derived directly from PARTNER/ASPAN, inherits the same interface and ease use. With the dedicated functions (text, pocket cycle ...) allows you to create designs to be processed with the CNC machine.

ROBOCUT, CAD/CAM software for remote programming and real-time of 6-axis robot, using a projection system to LCD as an instrument of control and edit.



ATool Software constantly investing in research, provides a personalized and attentive service to the customer starting from the pre-sales consultancy to after-sales service.

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