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The QUOTES module is an application that is used to estimate the costs needed to implement a nesting. Provides the possibility to manage the cost of materials of panels and sheets used, of the machine, of the operator or employees at work and all necessary extra costs.

It is also possible to handle any type of cost inherent to the machine and the operator, or if necessary, also create the new user-customizable ones, for each type of processing or necessity. It is possible to save this list of costs and thus create a library, which can then be reused later in other quotations. In the creation of a quotation will be included, besides the costs, also informations about the company and the customer whom the quotation is referred to. Once finisced, the quotation can be saved and eventually modified successively, or print it or send it via email.

Using the module QUOTES it is possible to create an estimation directly from the Nesting module or, for who do not have the NESTING optional module, directly from the Supervisor environment of PARTNER/ASPAN.



QUOTES in an optional module and so not included in the basic version of the program. It is possible to purchase PARTNER/ASPAN and it's optional modules contacting ATool Software or one of the dealers listed in the apposite section of this website.


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