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Discover how to convert your DXF files in ISO code for your CNC machine in a simple and effective way!

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PARTNER/ASPAN CAD-CAM per macchine a controllo numerico


PARTNER/ASPAN is a CAD/CAM software for programming numerical control machinery (CNC) for wood, aluminium and plastic, characterized by a great ease of use, versatility and support to a large number of machines types.


  • Intuitive and easy to use user interface;
  • Integrated CAD Environment that include all that you need to realize drawings through simple and dedicated commands (holes, routings, etc.) and also evoluted and powerful commands (text, pokets, tilted planes, etc.);
  • Integrated CAM Environment where drawings are converted into machine programs by using a series of utilities for operations such as automatically assigning tools and optimizing machining sequences;
  • Support of a large number of CNC machines of the major productors as Morbidelli, SCM, Biesse, Busellato, Anderson, CMS, Homag, MasterWood, Samec, CO.BA.L.M., Cosmec, and others;
  • Possibility to generate programs for multiple machines starting out from a single drawing;
  • Import procedure for files in DXF format, CSV and text (.asc) files;
  • Availability of optional modules: optimizes the filling of a panel (Nesting), external images conversion (Vector), guided realization of a cabinet (Cabinet), and guided realization of a single panel door (Doors), creation of Alucobond components (ALUMacros).;






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Flat table nesting

  Nesting     The NESTING module optimizes the filling of a panel, part of a panel or a series of panels with closed parts of any shape. The NESTING procedure can be used in the CAD environment to optimize the current panelor an area of that panel with closed parts of any shape dr...

ALUMacros: creation of Alucobond components

  ALUMacros     ALUMacros, is a PARTNER/ASPAN option module which allows the creation of Alucobond components. Through a series of simple steps, it is possible to define the type of components to be made and the type of locks to be used. With ALUMacros it is possible to create both...

Cabinet module

  Cabinet     The CABINET Module is used to prepare all the drawings, machining operations and machine programs needed to produce a complete cabinet starting out from unfinished panels. This module is complete with a library containing various items of furniture such as empty boxe...

Doors module

  Doors     The Doors Module is used prepare the drawing and machine program needed to produce a finished door from a single, unfinished panel. This module comes complete with a library of door types. The library includes standard doors, offset doors, arched doors and doors with v...

2D Vectorializer module

  Vector 2D     The VECTOR 2D Module converts any image into a drawing that can be used by the CAD/CAM PARTNER/ASPAN. The image can contain any type of subject. It could be artwork, a logo or a geometric design, for example. The original image can be in color or black and white. T...

Vector 3D

  Vector 3D     The VECTOR 3D is a powerful tool which allows you to transform an image into a three-dimensional drawing of PARTNER/ASPAN. The Module reads lightness variation in shades of gray and allow you to create the part program of selected image. We will get deepest routing...

Quotes module

  Quotes     The QUOTES module is an application that is used to estimate the costs needed to implement a nesting. Provides the possibility to manage the cost of materials of panels and sheets used, of the machine, of the operator or employees at work and all necessary extra costs....

  • Flat table nesting

  • ALUMacros: creation of Alucobond components

  • Cabinet module

  • Doors module

  • 2D Vectorializer module

  • Vector 3D

  • Quotes module


More info about PARTNER/ASPAN Optional Modules >







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PARTNER/ASPAN: general informations



How to purchase it

It is possible to purchase PARTNER/ASPAN and its optional modules, contacting directly ATool Software S.r.l. or one of the dealers specified in the apposite section of this website.


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