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Vector 2D




The VECTOR 2D Module converts any image into a drawing that can be used by the CAD/CAM PARTNER/ASPAN.

The image can contain any type of subject. It could be artwork, a logo or a geometric design, for example. The original image can be in color or black and white. The images are only available in printed format? No problem, just use any scanner to convert them into a .BMP file.

The VECTOR 2D takes the original image and traces the outline of the drawing and the central line of the section. It converts and groups together the image pixels as straight lines and arcs on the drawing and then links the entities found to each other. Where necessary it reduces the entities. The quality of the resulting drawing depends on the quality, condition and complexity of the original image. In some cases it may be necessary to modify the drawing further to obtain the quality required. The vectorialized drawing is for all intents and purposes a standard PARTNER/ASPAN drawing that can be modified, scaled and rotated as required. You can assign tools to it and convert it to a machine program just as you would with a normal drawing.



VECTOR 2D in an optional module and so not included in the basic version of the program. It is possible to purchase PARTNER/ASPAN and it's optional modules contacting ATool Software or one of the dealers listed in the apposite section of this website.


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