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The missing step
between a CAD environment
and the CNC machine.

Discover how to convert your DXF files in ISO code for your CNC machine in a simple and effective way!

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È un software per la programmazione di pantografi, centri di lavoro, bordatrici ed altre macchine industriali che, tramite il suo CAD/CAM
interno, permette di realizzare in modo semplice ed immediato il disegno di un pezzo da produrre (CAD) e il relativo programma macchina
ottimizzato (CAM).

It is a program for pantographs, machining centers, edge banders and other industrial machinery that through its integrated CAD-CAM
enviroments allows users to draw their production parts quickly and easily (CAD environment) and then generate the optimized machine
programs needed (to theCAMenvironment).
Can be equipped with high-level internal options: