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Discover how to convert your DXF files in ISO code for your CNC machine in a simple and effective way!

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System causes GPF when entering CAD and drawing lines or arcs

We suspect the problem may be caused by the driver of the graphic card.
We suggest to remove in windows 95 all accelerators in the driver,found in:

control-panel, system, performance, graphics, none.

There is a possibility that the drivers used by your graphics cardare wrong or not correct.
  1. In the Windows 95 toolbar, click the 'Start' button.
  2. From the Start menu, click 'Settings' -> 'Control Panel'.
  3. In the Control panel folder double click (open) the 'System' icon.
  4. From the 'System Properties' Dialog Box, click the 'Performance' tab control.
  5. Click the 'Graphics..." button.
  6. Set 'Hardware Acceleration' to 'None'.
  7. Close the Dialog Boxes, confirming with "OK" the changes, Windows 95 will ask you to Restart the computer: do it.
  8. After having restarted the PC, run ASPAN.
If the problem persists, please let us have a service disk with thedrawing causing the problem and a description of the operationssequence, in the cad, that produce the errors.