Optional modules

PARTNER/ASPAN is a modular system (MO.S.T. - ModularSoftware Tool) suitable to your specific requirements and whose functionality can be extended with the following optional modules:


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Optional Modules


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The procedure creates an optimal layout to fill a panel, part of a panel or a series of panels with closed parts of any shape. The procedure, through a dedicated environment, optimizes one or more magazine panels with PARTNER/ASPAN drawings, freehand shapes, rectangles, macros, doors, cabinet parts, DXF files and ASC files.

The module is dedicated to the creation of Alucobond components. Through a series of simple steps, it is possible to define the type of components to be made and the type of locks to be used.

A guided procedure that creates the drawings, machining operations and machine programs needed to produce a complete cabinet starting out from unfinished panels. The procedure is based on the customization of a series of predefined models of furniture.

A guided procedure that creates the drawing and machine program needed to produce a finished door from a single, unfinished panel. The procedure is based on the customization of a series of predefined models of doors.

Converts (vectorizes) any image, .bmp, jpg, and other commonly used formats, into a drawing that can be used by the PARTNER/ASPAN program in order to generate the relative machine part-program. The image can contain any type of subject. It could be artwork, a logo or a geometric design, for example.

Powerful tool which allows you to transform a grayscaled image into a three-dimensional drawing of PARTNER/ASPAN. The Module reads lightness variation in shades of gray and allows you to create the part-program of the selected image.

Module that is used to estimate the costs needed to implement a nesting. Provides the possibility to manage the cost of materials of panels and sheets used, of the machine, of the operator or employees at work and all necessary extra costs.

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