ToolCAM allows you to convert drawings in DXF format into ISO code in a simple and effective way.

What is ToolCAM

ToolCAM is a powerful program to convert DXF files into ISO language for numerical control machines. With ToolCAM it is possible to obtain directly, or through a dedicated Layer structure, the Part-Program for different types of CNC machines offering a simple and low-cost solution to import DXF files and convert them into machining.

The import is dedicated to machining on a single volume, allowing you to create machinings on all the faces of the panel.

A simplified CAD environment allows you to preview imported profiles, instantly displaying the start point, end point, and direction of the paths obtained. It is thus possible to highlight any points of discontinuity.

It is possible to intervene partially on previously imported paths by changing direction, start point, end point, and make additional minor changes to the drawing.



allows you to generate the

fully compatible
with your CNC machine
thanks to its
CAM environment
and the features
of our post-processors.

Using the integrated CAM environment of ToolCAM, it is possible to associate tools to the profiles, automatically or by selecting them from the tooling list, specify the machining properties and determine the desired sequence.

In the case of multiple drills, the program will automatically recognize and create MultiDrill machinings.


The Advanced DXF import of ToolCAM also allows, through the use of layers and a dedicated processor, to automatically assign machining properties to imported entities:

  • Machining tool.
  • Machining depth.
  • Diameter of routings and drills.
  • Machining direction.
  • Tool correction right, center, left of the drawn path.
  • In and working feed.
  • Machining priority in order to set-up desidered machining sequence.

Many other parameters are available to get the result desired.


ToolCAM supports a large number of CNC machines with several
numerical controls.

Supported machines

ToolCAM supports a large number of CNC machines with several numerical controls including CNI-RTCOM, XNC500, XNC1000, CID and CIDx language, TRIA, KVARA, XILOG3, XILOG4, XilogPlus, Osai 8600-8601, Osai Series 10, Osai Open, Siemens, Bosh, ESA and many other numerical controls, giving support to machines of various manufacturers.

ToolCAM is the ideal tool for CNC machines dedicated to the world of wood, aluminum, plastic, marble, glass and any other material processed with a numerical control machining center.


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To whom it is addressed

ToolCAM is intended for End User, Machine Manufacturers and Resellers.

End User

Convert drawings created with generic CAD into programs for a CNC machine is a common need and it is not always possible to do it easily with the tools you have available. ToolCAM is an optimal solution for those who already have a CAD environment.

Machine Manufacturers

With ToolCAM it is possible to provide customers with a low cost and at the same time powerful and functional solution, equipped with a complete CAM environment to optimize the machining. It will also be possible to upgrade ToolCAM at any time to meet the customer's needs, with the possibility to integrate it with the Nesting Module or to upgrade it to PARTNER/ASPAN, thus also making use of a complete CAD environment and further features.

Machine Resellers

Machines can be equipped with obsolete software that strongly limit the user, requiring in some cases the direct writing of the ISO code or antiquated programming procedures. With ToolCAM the customer who buys a used machine, will have a simple and powerful CAM tool, at low cost and will enjoy all the potential of a modern and expandable software.

Main features

Convert DXF drawings into CNC part-program  
POLYLINES and SPLINE recognition  
ASCII e BINARY DXF files support  
Support for DECIMAL and IMPERIAL units  
Multi-Language Interface
(Italian, English, French, German and more)
Recognition and conversion of machining on all the panel's canonical faces  
Simplified CAD environment for path verification
and minor adjustments
Possibility to modify and optimize paths obtained  
Advanced CAM environment  
Dedicated machine configuration and post-processor  
Tooling Management  
Assignment of machining properties to the paths obtained
(Tool, Tool Compensation, Feed, ecc…)
SEQUENCE environment with drag & drop functionality to sort operations  
Automatic assignment of machining properties by using layers and advanced import processor  
Batch import of multiple DXF files  
Execution of the program in batch mode for direct generation of the ISO code of one or more DXFs using advanced processor (included) and DXF files appropriately structured on multiple layers  
Support and free updates for 1 year from the purchase  
Additional machine configuration  
Optional module POCKETS  
Optional module NESTING  
Support for MACRO language  
with complete CAD / CAM and more features

Informative Video

The video below illustrate the main features of the product.

Request a quote

For more information and to receive a quote, please send an email to the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., specifying the model of the CNC machine in your possession and its numerical control.