ATool Software

ATool Software is a company focused on research, design, and development of CAD/CAM software solutions for the programming of CNC machines for the machining of wood, marble, aluminum, plastic, and other materials.
Formed by a highly experienced development team, our goals are to enhance and extend the functionalities of the programs that we provide, that are already known worldwide:



PARTNER/ASPAN is a powerful CAD/CAM application recognized worldwide as one of the simplest programs, that provides one of the most friendly user experience, in the field of CAD/CAM programs for the CNC machining of wood, aluminum, and plastic with numerical control machines. It can manage different types of machines of different manufacturers and allows the user to easily create a drawing and convert it to part-program for CNC machines.

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TOOLCAM, advanced import procedure for DXF files and conversion in part-program (ISO) for CNC machines. It provides a simplified CAD environment to verify imported paths and an advanced CAM environment to create ISO code for a large number of CNC machines.

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MARS, is the software for marble processing with CNC machines. Derived directly from PARTNER/ASPAN, inherits the same interface and ease use. With the dedicated functions (text, pocket cycle ...) allows you to create designs to be processed with Cobalm's CNC machines.

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