Transmission (3)

program: ASPAN, TASK The Kvara and Xilog NCs do not directly allow a link for sending/receiving programs. Anyway as the Kvara and Xilog NCs are PCs that run Windows 95, and Aspan5 is running in a PC with Windows 95/98/NT, you have several possibilities in order to establish a link.<>…

program: ASPAN, TASK After having tried everything in section Serial Port Transmission problems and the serial port communication still doesn't work, you can try to substitute the TRIA NC with a second PC in order to establish what's wrong. There are two levels of tests that we suggest.

program: ASPAN, TASK There are two different ways to send part-programs directly to the NC from ASPAN/TASK. They are switched automatically. ASPAN/TASK internal Kermit protocol. Columbia University Kermit.exe (DOS version).