Machine configuration not corresponding

program: ASPAN, TASK

>The machine configuration, in ASPAN, does not correspond to the real physical machine configuration.
The problem may occur when, into ASPAN installation disk shipped, has been loaded a machine configuration and tooling that differ from the real physical machine configuration. To solve it, just copy all machine parameters and tooling from the machine into a diskette, insert this diskette into the PC floppy drive and then import this configuration and tooling into ASPAN with the commands (in the supervisor environment):

  • machine->configuration-> import
  • machine->machine tooling> import

Before executing these commands, be sure that the numerical control release in ASPAN is the same as the one on the machine.

To find the NC release in the machine use the command Service

If the release number doesn't appear, execute these commands: service; user password MORBI; service; menu setup; machine setup.

If the release number shown is for example, the NC release to be considered for ASPAN is the 3.10 (do not consider the 38 and the last 1).

The current numerical control release in ASPAN is shown in the lower-left quadrant of the Supervisor.
Change accordingly the numerical control release in ASPAN with the command:
machine->utility->default->numerical control

See also stack overflow error when entering the CAM

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