List of the improvements and the updates released for the version 7 of ASPAN.

RELEASE 7.5 P2,P3,P4

date: June 30th 2004
release: ASPAN 7.5 p2,p3,p4

  • Fixed reported bugs;


date: February 18th 2004
release: ASPAN 7.5 p1

    • new features:
      • holes drop procedure allows creation of the first hole drop;
      • routing assignment: the depth of the first machining is now modifiable;
      • tool selection: identification of drilling unit or tool changer;
      • ISO machines: tool correction rather than overmaterial;
      • motor selection ability when tool position in store is indeterminate;
      • ISO machines: ability to insert tool correction before G0 and on lead-in/out arc;
      • ability to keep tools assignment when changing configuration in ISO machines;

  • fixed:
    • tool number in the aggregate tools;
    • tool overall dimension in tooling export;
    • CAM optimization with reverse direction active;
    • feed assignment with Tria;
    • time calculation with angular holes assigned to drilling unit;
    • fixed Xilog post-processor for angular holes and entities on tilted planes;


date: December 22th 2003
release: ASPAN 7.5 p0

    • new features:
      • Relative axis (wide prime) management for Morbidelli machines;
      • reenabled tooling print-out;

  • fixed:
    • drawing name more than 120 char long allowed;
    • rectangle drag mode;
    • tilted planes;
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