New features introduced with the release



General functions and Supervisor Environment

  • With the X2 version, a radical renewal process began with substantial modifications to the development platform and general revision of the algorithms. In the X3 version this process has been brought further forward making the Program clearly more stable.
  • The new Machine Configuration preview allows new and interesting features.
  • License management (codes) has been enhanced:
    • the codes report creation procedure has been simplified;
    • the procedure for entering license codes has been revised and simplified;
    • the release of a license code for the activation of new functionalities of the program is no longer bound to the creation of the service-disk;
    • with a single set of codes it is now possible to update all the hardware keys held (primary and secondary ones);
  • Enhanced toolbar management in the Supervisor, Nesting, Sequences, and Part-Program Editor environment.

CAD Environment

  • Revised the previews of CAD environment command dialogues.
  • Enhanced functionality of re-selection of the points of an entity through the mouse pointer with dynamic offset management.
  • Keys + and – can be used to zoom the panel and arrow keys to move the view (pan).
  • The 'Repeat command' function has been added to the 'Edit' menu with the possibility of assigning the command to an icon on the toolbar.
  • In the 3D view of the panel added commands to move the panel in Z (up/down).
  • Added information dialog for the objects "Holes row".

CAM Environment and Tooling

  • Keys + and – can be used to zoom the panel and arrow keys to move the view (pan).
  • Changes to tool assignment options do not require to exit from the environment.
  • Optimization in automatic tool assignment procedures.

DXF IMPORT – Strategy Layer Import

  • Optimized the DXF import processor and enhanced its configuration interface.
  • Added the possibility to automatically create emptyings (pockets) during DXF import.
  • Added automatic starting point adjustment function for closed shapes to which tool correction is applied.

DOORS Optional Module

  • The interface of the DOOR Optional Module has been entirely revised, making it more clear and intuitive.

NESTING Optional Module

  • Nesting module start-up procedure optimization.
  • Enhanced interface of the Nesting environment and its dialogs.
  • In the Sheet Magazine list, disabled panels (not active for the current optimization) are highlighted in a different color to identify them more easily.
  • Optimization of Nesting processing.
  • Introduced possibility to define custom cutting data specific to each panel: in addition to the cutting data specified using the 'Processing options' dialog, it is possible to define custom cutting data for each panel, to be used expressly as an alternative to the general cutting data.