New features introduced with the release




General functions and Supervisor Environment:

  • A large portion of the program has been ported to a new development platform, to provide a better support to new operating systems, improve program stability and create basis for future developments;
  • complete redesign of the program interface, which has been made more modern, functional and in line with new operating systems currently in use;
  • folder selection dialog: always use a resizable (system) dialog;
  • generic file selection dialog: always use a resizable (system) dialog;
  • new starter with logo and graphics renewed;
  • general preferences: changing the toolbar icons size does not require restarting the program;
  • machine configuration and tooling dialog : the dialog size has been increased and the selection can be made double-clicking the list. The list of available machines also displays both the folder name and the machine name set by the user if they differ;
  • new representation of the machine head in use and revision of the preview window.

Vacuum Cups Environment:

  • New management of panel positioning in 4 zones with addition of the front and rear stops and the management of delta panel parameters (in X and Y).

CAD Environment:

  • Revised the general aspect of the CAD environmen and introduced new flat toolbar with tooltip function on commands;
  • 'Display > Routings ends' : new display mode that highlights the start point , end point , and direction of drawn entities;
  • improved overlapping entities selection dialog : the dialog is now displayed near the point selected and contains more details on the entity facilitating the correct selection;
  • the "modify entity" command lets you edit rectangles (without fillet) as a single entity showing the same dialog used for the creation of the rectangle;
  • the entity information dialog now shows the entity layer in the advanced informations section;
  • in all dialogs of 'Set' and 'Modify' commands is now visible the number of entities currently selected;
  • 'Tools > Preferences': changing the number of decimal digits used does not require to restart of the CAD environment;
  • Set > Parametric > [Preferences]': comparative display that shows both the new parametrization model selected and the model currently applied to the drawing;
  • added toolbar icon for the command 'Set > Color';
  • revisoned all hardware macros.

CAM Environment and TOOLING:

  • Revised the general aspect of the CAM environment and introduced new flat toolbar with tooltip function on commands;
  • 'Display > Routings ends': new display mode that highlights the start point, end point, and direction of drawn entities (applied to unassigned entities);
  • improved the tool assignment dialog;
  • improved priority management;
  • renewed and improved tool configuration dialog;
  • new representation of the machine head in CAM environment.

LAYERS management:

  • Renewed import processor "Strategy Layer Import" now up to two times faster in processing DXF drawings containing a large number of entities;
  • improved dialog and the functionality of the menu command "Move entity to another layer": the dialog now shows the main properties of the destination layer selected. A dedicated field shows the name of the layer of the entity currently selected. In the layers list the layer currently active in the CAD environment is automatically highlighted and proposed as destination layer, if it differs from the one used by the entity selected;
  • improved layer management dialog and added the possibility to set the machining priority for entities belonging to a specific layer without the need to force the use of a specific tool.

DXF IMPORT – Strategy Layer Import:

  • Renewed import processor "Strategy Layer Import": now up to two times faster in processing DXF drawings containing a large number of entities;
  • introduced management of import profiles: it is now possible to create profiles containing different import parameters, including layer names, geometry details, tool data, and more, and select the one needed before import procedure;
  • automatic creation of import profiles: import profiles can be created automatically by PARTNER/ASPAN without the need for the user to enter manually the names of the layers: they will be taken automatically from a specified DXF;
  • it is now possible to assign a color to entities imported. If the profile is created automatically, the color will be taken directly from the DXF file;
  • during DXF file import a status window appears showing the name of the file currently processed and the name of the import profile in use.

Vector 2D optional module:

  • The Vector 2D module now supports images with color depths up to 24bit.

ALUMacros optional module:

  • Introduced a new optional module dedicated to the creation of alucubond components: ALUMacros uses a series of simple guided steps to define the type of alucubond components to be created and the closures to be used.
    more info about ALUMacros >

Cabinet optional module:

  • Renewed program interface and introduced [cancel] button to return to the beginning of the wizard with a single click;
  • revised calculation of cabinet hardware positioning.

Nesting optional module:

  • Increased maximum size of the MACRO_DATA field used when importing via CSV file.


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