Digitizer compatibility

n order to connect a digitizer to our programs the digitizer must communicate (with the computer) using ASCII format. We have tested two different brands of digitizers, but every digitizer that satisfies the above statement may also be used with our programs.

The two digitizers tested by us are:

1) Neolt model MX digit 2000
2) Mutoh model CX 3000

from an ASCII string:

The program manages all digitizer unable to communicate with an ASCII string.

Are tested the following digitizer models:

  1. Neolt modello MX digit 2000;
  2. Mutho modello CX 3000.


To connect with the program you need to set some basic parameters:

X and Y coordinates of the digitized point;

the amount of characters of which is composed of the coordinate;

the position in the string of data received;

the data related to the buttons pressed and the amount of characters of which is composed of the data of the buttons. They also need to be defined codes indicating that the received data is a single point, a double point (edge), the end of the path.




At last, after entering the data related to port and to the serial communications protocol, for use the digitizer, you need to enable the checkbox: Digitizer on use.


using the driver WinTab:

To use the drivers WinTab, you just select in the dialog box of the configuration, the type as mode "WinTab".




Compatible models that use the drivers Wintab are:

  1. GTCO CalComp;
  2. Acecad mod. A-1212.
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