AutoCAD: I do not want the PAD menu or the Screen Menu when I run AutoCAD

  • run AutoCAD 14+ (not from inside aspan, nor from any shortcut) from: Start->Programs->AutoCAD R14
  • Load your customized menus/toolbars
  • Select: Tools -> Preferences, Profiles
  • Rename the AutoCAD profile as MYPF (you can choose any name)
  • Copy the MYPF profile as ASPAN
  • Now you have 2 profiles: MYPF and ASPAN
  • Set ASPAN as the default profile: "Set current" button
  • Exit AutoCAD
  • Modify the AutoCAD icon (shortcut) properties that you are currently using when you run AutoCAD, as follows: original Target: "C:\Program Files\AutoCAD R14\acad.exe" after modification: Target: "C:\Program Files\AutoCAD R14\acad.exe" /p MYPF
  • Run ASPAN and re-link AutoCADFrom now on, when you Run AutoCAD using the just modified Shortcut, you will get all your toolbars; when you run AutoCAD from inside ASPAN you will get the PAD menu.
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