New Release X1



General news introduced with the release X1:

  • the DXF import parameters page is completed adding also the Exploded DXF parameters. In this way, all the DXF import parameters are grouped in a single dialog.
    In this dialog is also corrected the decimals view.
  • Improved, in Partner/Aspan SE, the DXF import procedure containing layers. All the imported entities will be saved in the default layer, independently from the original layer.
  • Exiting from the 'Vacuum' environment, the current drawing was not possible to open it again. Corrected.
  • Corrected the DXF import processor “Strategy layer Import” for the Priority and other things.
  • Increased length of the fields 'Code' and 'Description' in the tool-table.


  • Added in ~Atr the possibility to find the tool number starting from the tool code.
  • Corrected the “SetLayer” function. If used with a not existing layer, blocks the software.
  • Corrected the “CreateLayer” function. Was giving problems in the subsequent layer management.
  • Modified "SetLayerProp" and "SetLayer" commands to work even outside the CAD environment.
  • Added the 'AutoSetPanelDimension' function.
  • "strcat" fixed when the first parameter is NULL.

CAD environment:

  • Added the feature 'No rotation' in the 'polar series' function.
  • Added the function: Overall dimensions. It creates a rectangle bigger as the maximum X/Y overall of all selected entities (holes, shapes, etc.).
  • Modified the function "Rectangle" to set the origin point position. Now it is possible to set the origin point during the rectangle creation.
  • The function "Scale X or Y" now converts the arch segments in a series of straight segments.
  • Corrected the calculation error in the arctangent.
  • Graphic correction on the function 'Chamfer'. The icon "Cancel" overlapped the edit area.
  • Modified the function 'Generic pocket': the depth value in the dialog will set the depth of the calculated machining. The original profile will remain with the original depth.
  • The function "Move entity on another layer" has been enhanced. The settings in the window are stored for each layer and always made available each time you invoke the drawn entity.
  • Enhanced the function "Tabs". Now it is possible to work in inches also.
  • Fixed Offset in CAD and nesting environment with joint lower than 0.001 mm
  • Correct “Dust Hood” reading data, set by the customer, in the assignment dialog tool, always displayed the first value in the combo box selection.
  • Added in the calculate of the command Advanced Offset, the control on smaller routings.
  • Added the possibility to display the lower face from the menu "View" in the manual parametric.

CAM environment:

  • Fixed function "Machining": Partner/Aspan for inclined machining, now use tools declared "vector" and not "for upper face" as before.
  • Graphic correction in the function "Manual sequence". The icon "Confirm" is changed.
  • Fixed the function "Animation". There was a fixed feed of 40000 during the up/down tool movement and was forced to use mm/min always.
  • Changed the feature Lead-in/Lead-out. To the post-processor, there was only a length value also if the lead-in/out was line+arc.
  • Fixed the calculation in the tool radius correction calculated in CAM.
  • Fixed the tool compensation visualization in CAM and in animation for entities smaller than 0.001 mm
  • Fixed the error of assignment "bits Lance" with the new feature of the control in the drilling.

Optional modules:

  • Enhanced the function "Artistic Cam 3D". It is added the pushbutton "Preview" to show a job preview before the part-program creation.
  • Vectorizer 2D: now the created drawing can be opened without a problem. Before it was necessary to exit and enter again in Partner/Aspan.
  • Nesting: now it is possible to set the column width in the nesting report.
  • Nesting: corrected the "Holes drop" feature. During the piece rotation, the X and Y steps did not rotate.
  • Nesting: new management of the cutting profile. For the free forms with already tool assigned, is now possible to decide:
    keep these tools;
    force a new tool;